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Understand your leads, create more customers

Lead relationship management

Most prospects look the same. but that’s about to change. Welcome to lead relationship management, the next generation tool. turning acquisition dollars into profit dollars.

Close the gap between prospecting and selling

In a marketing world where the majority of dollars are invested in acquisition, most of the insight support tools exist for existing customers. Tagly brings big data analytics and support to bridge the gap between prospecting and selling. Improving your ability to communicate and convert leads into profitable customers and repeat purchasers.

Data insights for leads

Even today, true data insight is, most often, the domain of customer marketers. Tagly ends that by bringing state of the art database sophistication integrated into all your acquisition platforms, to create a single view of your leads. From Facebook to NFC, SEM to LinkedIn, Tagly enables you to view, tag, track and improve the quality of your external leads. Tagly helps you add a new depth to prospective customer data and engagement.

Better prospective relationships

Now you can have deep and meaningful relationships with your potential customers where every engagement is better than the last, and all data stored and used to improve the chances of a more profitable relationship with leads that become customers.

Ideas to implementation in minutes

We supercharge your existing delivery capabilities with social logon, federated security, personalisation, comments, likes, NFC, QR, gamification and analytics: all baked in and delivered seamlessly to the desktop and mobile. You can use Tagly to create pop-up social networks, run online campaigns, display and print campaigns, with all of your customer response data residing in a single, consistent platform. We can even revolutionise the way you generate leads face-to-face with real-time NFC-based lead acquisition technology.

Integrated across all lead channels

Tagly provides the technology that finally allows you to write an actionable roadmap that turns your highly valuable leads into more valuable customers. The world’s first specialised Lead Relationship Management (LRM) platform. Making customer engagement possible for all client companies across all communication channels.